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In this post I will demo a tool called WorksetExplorer Revit Addin that will make it easier to manage your worksets.
Probably most everyone who has ever dealt with workshared projects knows how tedious sometimes it gets to keep elements on them organized. We previously discussed some “dos and don’ts” regarding worksets in this post which triggered a heated and informative discussion on LinkedIn Revit Club Group.

Have you ever wanted to be able to quickly see what the heck is going on on your worksets? At this point  the most bullet-proof way that I use to figure out how well are elements organized by worksets is to set up a 3D View, turn all categories on and begin isolating worksets one by one (unless you want to export your revit file in a database editing software). I really wished that there would be a way to sort / categorize what elements and how many of them are on each workset without going through the hassle of doing it manually in 3d views. Seems like it would make sense to add a special scheduling capability to Revit (just like Sheet List or View List) that can schedule user worksets and what is on them. Maybe some day… but until then you can install and use WorksetExplorer Revit Addin from do Stuff. I wrote it for my personal use out of frustration – spending hours on cleaning up and organizing Revit worksets is no fun!

The tool is pretty straightforward, so I will try to describe just in a few words how it works (the demo video in the beginning of the post shows it as well).
– assuming you already installed the WorksetExplorer, run the tool from dpStuff Utils in Addin tab.
– the dialog box will open and in the “tree” your elements will be sorted by workset, then by category, then by family, then by type.
– every “branch” will have a name and the amount of elements on it in parentheses.
– once you see something that shouldn’t be on a particular workset then you can select the branch and click “Select Elements” button – that will add elements that belong to this branch to selection.
– now you can send them to the workset they are supposed to be on.
– repeat until all worksets are in good shape.
You can download the WorksetExplorer addin from our download page or directly from WorksetExplorer addin product page.
Happy workset cleaning!

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15 Responses to WorksetExplorer Revit Addin – What’s On Your Worksets?

  1. Tim West says:

    You can open a 3D view and start turning off worksets, OR you can turn on worksharing display, which will colourize everything on each workset!

    Looks like a great addin, I will give it a test run!

  2. Chris says:

    I would love to see an export function – something that can be brought back into a word document.

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the feedback! I have a question, how would you want to use the exported info? It might make sense to export it into a spreadsheet including element ids (if there is a demand for it). What do you think?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Dima,
      sent you an email with a sample. A spread sheet would work fine. I just need to know what workset has what categories and how many elements are in those categories. I personally wouldn’t need element id’s (except the rare occurence a model element lands on a view workset, then I would like to know so it can be isolated and corrected)

      • Chris says:

        I just had the need yesterday to export that list out .
        Also would love to see warnings treated similar. It’s a PITA to count how many warnings of each type there are.

      • Dima Chiriacov says:

        Chris, that is a good point, in fact I am going to add an export option to WorksetExplorer so one could export it to a spreadsheet. Regarding the warnings – yes, a tool that makes sense of it is long overdue, it can probably be an HTML parser.

  3. Good start.

    I would like to see the ability to be able to select the elements in the tree and have a show option, and then be able to drag n drop the selected elements to the desired workset in your treeView instead of having to exit out of your form and do the setting in the PP. Just a thought for future expansion. 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback, Phillip. Yes, I will make it an asynchronous dialog with the option of being able to do all the workset swapping insido of it without having to leave it and rerun the tool (once I get my hands on it again)

  4. I’m confused by the installation instructions which state, “*Right Click on Utils_WorksetExplorer.dll and go to Properties and click UNBLOCK button.” I can’t find an UNBLOCK button in Win7.

    • Michael,
      Sometimes Win7 blocks files that are downloaded from internet. If you don’t see the UNBLOCK button that means that they are not blocked. Just skip the Unblocking part and follow the rest of the instructions and see if that works
      Let me know if you run into any issues

  5. Hi dima, thank you for sharing this amazing stuff. and for the nice way to put all the addins in the same button 😉

  6. Chris says:

    The addin doesn’t report RVT links assigned to worksets. Is that on purpose?

    • Dima Chiriacov says:

      That is right – it doesn’t report the links at this time – that was not on purpose, it is that I didn’t need this functionality at that time. But I will definitely add that in the next update in the fall.

  7. Cole says:

    The link in the email that is suppose to let me download the addin does not do anything, am I missing something or is the link broken?

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