USC Architecture PhD PositionsDavid Gerber, a professor from University of Southern California’s School of Architecture, has recently reached out to design computation community asking to spread the word about the funded PhD positions that recently became available at USC School of Architecture. The research topics are extremely interesting and involve development of multi-agent systems, They are looking to fill these positions ASAP so if anyone is interested – please read through David’s letter below and contact him directly (the contact info is at the bottom of the letter):

Dear Colleagues,I am writing to again solicit your recommendations to fill funded PhD research positions at the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture and Viterbi School of Engineering’s CEE iLAB. I have industry and National Science Foundation funding to pursue design and computation research collaboratively with engineering, computer science, and behavioral science colleagues over the next four years. I am filling multiple positions please post and distribute at your discretion.

The research involves the development of “Design Agency” multi-agent systems for designing novel methods, systems, and environments for crossing the cyber social physical divide. We expect to develop new design theory, methodologies, and technologies through the prototyping of computational processes, highly sensed and intelligent feedback systems for materializing architectural environments and complex forms, through an energy literate agency and interactive architecture. The work is expected to develop both cyber and physical robotics and interactive systems impacting design through to digital fabrication, construction and operations in the built environment.

The mentoring and research opportunities for PhD students includes the development of an individual PhD research parallel or tangential to the work in the fields of architecture, design computation, interactive architecture, robotics and technology and or material intelligence.

Interested and qualified applicants can pursue a PhD degree at the University of Southern California.
Responsibilities include:

** conducting directed interdisciplinary research projects

** participating in the development of computational systems and prototypes

** participating in the further development of the faculty members on-going interdisciplinary collaboration and research

** leading the development of follow on research proposals and publications

** leading in dissemination of the work

** instruction as a Graduate Research Student

Backgrounds in design, architecture, engineering, and computer science are desired. Proficiency in 3D modeling, prototyping, programming or scripting, and design research would be ideal. Applicants should come with a passion for research and creative uses of technology, the built environment, design and computation and the ability to work as part of a diverse research team.

All recommendations and interested applicants should contact David Gerber as soon as possible. These positions need to be filled immediately. Applications should send CV, statement of interest, list of references, portfolio and work samples as a single PDF sent to

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