UpdateAreaCalcs Rounding Options from dp StuffJust published an updated version of recently released UpdateAreaCalcs Revit add-in. Thanks to several users that pointed out the need to be able to control the rounding of the parameter calculation this feature has been added. It definitely makes sense to be able to control how the numbers are rounded in your Revit schedule calculations. Generally if you push a decimal value into an Integer Parameter Revit will round it up or down based on .5 mark and often that is what we want, but sometimes (like in Egress calculations for example) you need to force a number to round up to the next highest integer (say 2.25 must round to 3). So, to cover this and unique situations 5 rounding option were added:

UpdateAreaCalcs Rounding None
  • In this option rounding will not be used.
UpdateAreaCalcs_Rounding Round Decimal Count
  • In this option Values will be rounded with selected count of fractional digits. Make sure to use the number spinner to set the amount of decimal digits you want the result to be rounded to.
UpdateAreaCalcs_Rounding Force Round Down
  • In this option Decimal Values will be forces to round DOWN to the closest integer. Example: 3.14 will result 3 and 5.89 will result 5.
UpdateAreaCalcs Rounding Force Round Up
  • In this option Decimal Values will be forces to round UP to the closest integer. Example: 3.14 will result 4 and 5.89 will result 6.
UpdateAreaCalcs Rounding Round
  • In this option Values will be rounded up or down to the closest integer based on .5 mark.

Feel free to give it a shot (download button is below) or re-download addin if you already have it installed.

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