UpdateAreaCalcs Revit API dp Stuff AddinUpdateAreaCalcs Revit API Addin is a new tool from dp Stuff that is a slightly reworked version of a Revit addin that we use in the office in order to drive egress calculations from Revit areas. It can be used to make calculations using 2 parameters from Areas or Rooms and push the result calculation into a third parameter. As I said we used a simplified version of this addin to do batch egress calculations for areas and push them into one of the Areas’ parameters. Basically our Areas have 2 shared project parameters: Occupant Load Factor and Occupant Load. The add-in would  go into every Area in Life Safety area scheme, grab Area parameter value, divide it by Occupant Load Factor parameter value and assign the result into the Occupant Load parameter. As you probably know Revit cannot have parameters do automatic calculation for system families, the best you can do is to create a calculated value in schedules and that might be ok as long as you don’t need to display that in tags, in which case you are screwed without custom API scripts to do the calculations and push the values into some shared parameter that you can use in tags. Well, we used it for the occupant loads and areas, but then I thought I might be useful to do other calculations with parameters (I will leave it up to you to decide what you want to do with it) so I rewrote the addin into UpdateAreaCalcs to make it more of a “general purpose” tool that operates on Room or Areas and can do simple arithmetic calculations with any 2 numeric parameters that have values assigned to them and push results into another Non Read-Only numeric parameter. Pretty straight forward – and much better than going over every single area or room and assign values manually. Hopefully it will save you some time for a beer on Friday afternoon!

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