This exercise was conducted to run solar exposure analysis on my building envelope and to produce flat fenestration panels with the apertures that correspond to the exposure values. The NURBS surface of the envelope was triangulated and the solar radiation analysis was run on it. Then the values of //DIRECT

SOLAR RADIATION// were extracted to Excel file. (please, disregard that on the GH screen shots it sais /TOTAL RADIATION//-the actual model screenshots are built with direct solar radiation) I built a GH definition that takes the triangulated mesh of the envelope as an input and builds a parameterized watertight flat fenestration panels with controllable thickness and with two apertures. All of the components and parameters are adjustable.

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2 Responses to Some More Facade Apertures (Grasshopper)

  1. Camiro.... says:

    it is possible i can look the gh defnition, i want to do the same process combine gh ´+ ecotec information
    thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Hiram says:

    i have been using grasshopper for some time now. You have some serious talent in your application of this program.

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