Revit Spot Elevation ProblemIf you happen to have a problem to place a Revit spot elevations on you floor in plan view first thing to check is if your view is set to Wireframe mode. That is a very common mistake – spot elevations cannot recognize surfaces in the Wireframe mode. But what if you are not in the Wireframe, the floors are visible and your spot elevations still don’t want to recognize floor surfaces? Well, the problem might be rooms and Color Scheme view settings. I just recently ran into this peculiar issue. So it happens that if you have a Color Scheme set to anything but ‘none’ and you are trying to place a spot elevation – sometimes it just won’t work! The first thing your spot elevation will recognize in a view with a room Color Scheme on is the surface of the room and not of a floor. And Revit knows that it is not supposed to place spot elevations on room surface so it gets confused! Again, that doesn’t happen all the time – I tried on several projects and sometimes it works the way it should and sometimes it just doesn’t! Often it behaves differently on 2 rooms that are back-to-back with exactly the same properties. As a matter of fact it does it in both Revit 2013 and Revit 2014. This seems like a bug that needs to be addressed, unless I’m missing something. Just a heads up… If you have any ideas regarding what might be causing such a behavior – please share in comments.

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