Basic Attractor Exersise with Revit Python Shell

Here is one sample attractor exercise with Python scripting in Revit demoed during lecture at SCAD (thanks to Scott Dietz for organizing it!). To those that are unfamiliar with the concept – elements are tested for proximity to a selected object that acts as an “attractor”. Based on this values a gradient is created (in the 0 to 1 range). This values alter the instance properties of elements accordingly to reflect their distance to the attractor object.
You can download the Python script as well as the Revit file in the end of the post.
To run it – open the downloaded Revit family file, preselect one of the curtain panels (it will act as the attractor), open IronPython console, open the downloaded script and run it.

Basic Attractor Exercise with Python Scripting in Revit

Revit Python Scripting Basic Attractor Exercise

Download the files.

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  1. Iffat Mai says:

    This was very cool! thank you for sharing!

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