Revit Addin PermRemoveAreasRooms dp Stuff toolsRevit Addin PermRemoveAreasRooms allows you to delete rooms or areas permanently on the fly directly from any of your Revit views. As you most likely know to delete rooms or areas permanently from your Revit document you must do it from room or area schedule only. Sometimes you want to delete room and make it “Not Placed” so you can reuse it later especially if its physical location hasn’t been established yet. But very often I just want to delete rooms or areas on the fly permanently from my project (so they don’t clog the file) and having to go and look for them in the schedule gets a bit irritating for a lazy-me. That is where this Revit addin PermRemoveAreasRooms comes in handy. You can pre-select the elements and run the tool to delete just the rooms/areas in your selection, or you can collect element ids of rooms/areas that you wish to get rid of and copy/paste them via “Type In Element Ids” method.

You can download the installation files from the Free Stuff(Downloads) page or directly from this link.Revit Addin PermRemoveAreasRooms dp Stuff tools dialog

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