PageLines- Splash.pngIt has been a while since the last post. I have received a lot of requests to upgrade the software to the latest Revit version as well as to fix a few bugs here and there. The good news is that the updates are ready to be downloaded from Revit 2015 addins page.  Other than the upgrade to the 2015 API there has been quite a few bug fixes, the most important ones will affect people working in metric files – so the Utils and especially the Randomizer will behave properly with the metric inputs. All the util addins were bundled into one installer called dp Stuff Revit Utils 2015. This way all you need to do is to install it once and you will have access to all the addins (other than the Randomizer). The bad news is that the 2015 addins are no longer free – I decided to put a bearable price to it (for the [dp Stuff] Utils it approximately equals to a price of a quick lunch) in order to help me cover the expenses of running this site and time for bug-fixing.  Other than that – no surprises. everything should function just as good or better than in 2014 version. Ok, that is all, you can proceed to Revit 2015 addins download page to get the tools. Don’t forget to contact us with any feedback or to report bugs – any constructive criticism is always welcome here @ [dp Stuff].

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