Revit 2014 Addins dp StuffFinally Revit 2014 Update Release 1 is out and it is time to upgrade your software including your [dp Stuff] Revit addins! Most of the addins were upgraded for  the latest Revit version and are ready to be downloaded from Revit 2014 addins page. Now, here is the important part – consider this update a TEMPORARY ONE. These addins will expire on November 15 (you will get a one time message dialog about that when you run any addin for the first time). On that date you can check back here on dp Stuff website and I should have a permanent update ready for download. Other than that the upgraded add-ins are just the same as they were in the 2013 version – no surprises. I am doing this temporary release for a good reason – what I wanted to do is to get the software out to the people that already upgraded their Revit to 2014 version. In the mean time I have been working on the major overhaul and repackaging of the [dp Stuff Revit Utils] based on solid user feedback received over the last year. So, all the addins are being reworked and will definitely get better with additional functionality plus a lot of new Revit addins are coming in the next update that will happen in mid-November (I will be posting them though as they go). Ok, that is all, you can proceed to Revit 2014 addins download page to get the tools. Don’t forget to contact us with any feedback or to report bugs – any constructive criticism is always welcome here @ [dp Stuff].

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