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Here is a quick video demonstration of Randomizer Vasari Addin in conjunction with Vasari and its Solar Radiation functionality.

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3 Responses to Randomizer Vasari Addin and Vasari 2.5 Solar Radiation

  1. Oscar says:

    Hi, Dima,

    It is a very interesting plug-ins, I have tested it, Very good! I have a question to asked you, why Curtain Panel Pattern Based, and Adaptive Component can’t be identified! If can identify that it is very good! Thanks!

  2. Hi Oscar,
    Thanks for giving Randomizer a try and thanks for the feed-back.
    Regarding you question on family instances that cannot be identified: Randomizer won’t be able to access nested family instances’ parameters. You can always “randomize” them inside the family environment, but if you nest your adaptive components or any other family into another and them load it in the project – you wouldn’t be able to access these nested family instances even if they are “Shared”. It is in fact a common Revit behavior – you can only access parameter values of “Shared” nested family instances as read-only, so you cannot change their values.

    However, starting in Revit 2012 you can create Adaptive Component instances directly in the project so if you create them directly in the project you can deffinetely access those.

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