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Here is how Randomizer Revit Addin was born. It came up in the office a few days ago that we were needed to apply some random pattern on a façade somehow. I went online and tried to figure out if there was a way to somehow apply a pseudo random function in instance parameter formulas or at least to figure out some kind of hack on how to mimic the randomness with family functionality. I know that random component in Grasshopper is a very popular one but I didn’t find anything Revit related, so I decided to write my own randomizing tool for Revit. Random pattern trick is being used very often by designers so hopefully this will save a hassle of mimicking random behavior “by hand”.

The way it works – it lets you locate the instance parameter that you want to randomize among the family instances in your document by selecting the Category, then Family and then Type of your objects. That will give you list of all the Instance Parameters that you are allowed to select from. It works not on all Parameter Types but only on those that make sense such as:
So the only parameters that you will see in the Randomizer’s parameter list will be the ones of the types listed above.
Although only these parameters are accepted you can virtually make it work with any Parameter Type by hooking them up through formulas to parameters of the allowed types supported by the Randomizer.

Once you check the one of the parameters that you wish to randomize you will be allowed to set the domain range for the pseudo random value. Also, in case you need the output values of the parameters on Number, Angle or Length Types to be round numbers make sure to check the Force Round Numbers check box. Then you can click Add to List button which will add the parameter and its random value domain data in the list of parameters that will be randomized. If at some point you changed your mind and want to remove a parameter from the list – just click the delete button next to the parameter you want to remove.

Another thing to mention is that you need to have all the family instances that you want to be altered to be visible in the active view. Those instances that are hidden in view won’t be taken in consideration by the Randomizer (if they are Temporary Hidden they WILL be affected).

Oh, and one more thing – it does not work yet on instances that are sitting inside external .rfa files nor inside In-Place masses for the reason that the parameters of these instances are read-only in the project mode. But I am planning on solving this issue as soon as possible since that would probably be the most valuable use for this tool (say randomizing parameters of Curtain Panels by pattern etc).

If you are interested in “test-driving” this tool go to the Free Stuff (Downloads) page. It would be interesting to see the results if you end up experimenting with it, so send back images and don’t forget to mention the author ;).

Go to the Free Stuff (Downloads) page to download the updated add-in installation files for your version of Revit.

Randomizer Revit Addin - Random Windows 1
Randomizer Revit Addin - Random Windows 2
Randomizer Revit Addin - Magic Mushrooms
Randomizer Revit Addin - Random Magic Mushrooms
Randomizer Revit Addin - Random Magic Mushrooms 2


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