NumberStuffByDirection Revit Addin util from dp Stuff

Here is another Revit tool that I wrote the other day. It is called NumberStuffByDirection Revit Addin and it does exactly what the name suggests – it batch-numbers elements in sequence. Below you will find a short video demonstration on how it functions.
Basically you need to have an Integer Instance parameter in the elements that you want to number (i.e. parking spot number).



NumberStuffByDirection Addin demo parking numbering
NumberStuffByDirection Addin demo Column Numbering

– After the installation run the plugin from your Addins tab
– Type in the parameter name (exactly the way it is)
– Specify the first number in sequence
– Pick the direction (xPos will number elements from Left to Right, xNeg – Right to Left, yPos – from Bottom to Top and yNeg from Top to Bottom
– Select a row or column of elements and hit the (Re)Number Selected Elements button

This will number the elements in sequence starting with the number you specified based on their location. It will also set the First Number text box value to the next value in sequence so you just need to select another row or column of elements, set the direction and hit the button.

Go to the Free Stuff (Downloads) page to download this addin for your version of Revit.

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6 Responses to NumberStuffByDirection Revit Addin, Batch Number Elements

  1. Sana Elfessi says:

    i dont understand unblock button

  2. Sana,
    Win7 often “blocks” files that you download from internet. So to unblock the files make sure after you download them right – click on each of them and go to properties. Then (if the file is infact blocked) you should see the UNBLOCK button. You should also try that on the zip file before you unpack it.

  3. Thom K. says:

    Is it possible to get a version of the DLL that will work from the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2013\ folder? I don’t have rights to create a folder in my root. I tried updating the .addin file to point to this location but it did not work. Thank you!

    • Thom, sorry for late reply.
      You can place the .addin file in the folder you specified and should still work fine. You can place then the .dll file wherever you can and then override the path in .addin file to the .dll.

  4. Jan says:

    It seems to only work for parking object. Am I missing something to enable this for any selected objects? Thanks.

    • Dima Chiriacov says:

      It should work pretty much on any model element. All it needs is for the object to have an integer instance parameter that will be assigned a sequence to. If you see the video demonstration I use there parking, columns and structural columns.
      Let me know if that answers your question.

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