If you have tried to download any of dp Stuff Revit Addins or Python scripts within the last few days you might have noticed that the download pages got a bit of a  “face-lift” and the actual download process has changed. I am trying to make the download experience more user-friendly and coherent. I also separated the content so it is not all in the same pile anymore. Under the Downloads menu tab you will find links to Revit Addins, Python Scripts or All Downloads pages. Another thing is that most of the Revit add-ons now come with a simple three-click installer, which simplifies things a lot – you won’t need to go and place all the files to their designated directories.

Now a few words about downloading the files. The download process now works just like an online shopping cart, just for digital download – very simple (I hope!). Below is a short description of how you can go about downloading files from the dp Stuff website.

 dpStuff Download - Chose Download Page
  • At the top navigation menu you will find a “Downloads” tab under which you will pick what sort of stuff you are looking for (i.e. Revit 2013 Addins).
 dpStuff Download - Pick Download
  • Once you arrive at the desired page you will see the products with their short descriptions. Each of them will have a Download button. If you are not convinced by a short description you can click on the product name and it will take you to the description page. By clicking the Download button you will add the product to your cart (you are free to keep browsing further).
 dpStuff Download - Proceed to Checkout
  • You can add as many downloads as you want to your Cart. Once you are done browsing and ready to get your downloads just click on Checkout button under a product or under Shopping Cart widget on the side-bar.
 dpStuff Download - Checkout Page
  • You will be taken to the checkout page where you will be asked to fill up your name and e-mail. Hit Download button and you are done! The email links will show up and you will get them in an email.

This is it, I hope you will find it more user-friendly! I am still experimenting with the website functionality so all the feedback (positive and negative) would be very much appreciated.

P.S. Oh, and the Revit 2014 addin updates are coming very soon – I promise!

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3 Responses to New Download Process and Other Website Updates

  1. cerbz says:

    >P.S. Oh, and the Revit 2014 addin updates are coming very soon – I promise!
    Good good, can’t sit on 2012 anymore 🙂

  2. BCERBimMan says:

    Lots of great stuff here and I’ve downloaded some of them. However, some are .exe files in which I would need to have “admin” privileges but I don’t. Do you have the workset, remove empty tag and crop view as non-exe files (maybe .dll and .addin)?


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