That video above is from the organization called CODE.ORG – I just recently ran into it online and the information on their website gave me a lot of food for thought. In a nutshell CODE.ORG organization is actively advocating for adding more programming to schools’ curricula.

Ask yourself what is the thing that you interact with the most during the day? For the vast majority of us the answer will be obvious – it is software. For those of us that have day-time jobs we most likely spend more time on software interaction than on interaction with our families. I bet almost anyone have heard about the silicon valley boom, explosive growth of tech start-ups, all that good stuff. But not only that – I’m sure everyone has noticed how much more our life is affected by software comparing to just a decade ago – it touches virtually every aspect of our life. Software is an important and inevitable part of our society whether we like it or not.

Well, if creating software and being able to interact with it is so important how come there is only one out of ten schools that offers programming in their curricula (according to I think that providing opportunity to learn how to program computers would definitely be one of the MOST essential things that we owe to our children as far as their general development is concerned. Because the ability to write code doesn’t only allow one to create new tools, or lets one better understand how somebody else’s software functions (which are pretty darn important things), but most importantly changes/improves how one approaches problem solving in general.

To Be Continued…>PART-2

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