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I’ve had a few request a while back after I posted Randomizer for the first time to add some functionality that would allow to store the settings for the parameters that were randomized. Basically the problem was that once user set the parameters and min/max bounds values for randomization and then runs the command the Randomizer would do its thing and then close. So, if the user is not satisfied with the results of the run (after all it is a “random” thing) he/she would need to reset all the parameters and min/max values just the way they were only to be able to run it one more time.
So I made some adjustments to the addin and now it is a model-less form. What that means is that Randomizer addin will not close when you hit the Randomize button. Instead it will run the randomization and stay open keeping all the setting “alive”, so in-case you are not satisfied with the result you can keep hitting the Randomize button until you get the satisfactory result. You can also cycle through the open views without closing the addin form, or open other views. There are also some improvements on how you can Add/Override the values of the parameters that are submitted for randomization. Please see the video below for a short demo.

Go to the Free Stuff (Downloads) page to download the updated addin installation files for your version of Revit.

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14 Responses to Improved Randomizer 0.04 – Now as a Model-less Dialog Form

  1. Oscar says:

    Dima,great job!Vasari 2.5 fast is out of date. When the versioni of released vasari beta 1.0 come out !?

    • Hi Oscar,
      The same version of Randomizer (0.04) works fine for the newly released VasariBeta 1.0. Assuming you had it installed on 2.5 version all you need to do is to move/copy the .addin file from …\Autodesk\Vasari\Addins\TP2.5 folder to Autodesk\Vasari\Addins\2013 folder (which is the location of .addin files for the new Vasari Release).
      Then restart Vasari and you should be able to find Randomizer 0.04 under your Add-Ins tab.
      Let me know should you have any troubles with the installation.

    • Oscar says:

      Ok ,thanks Dima !

  2. Seb Andraos says:

    Hey Dima,

    This is so useful. Is there a way that you know of, either using your addin or otherwise, that will allow me to randomise a specific set of options? What i mean is I want my panels to either be 1m, 6m or 9m deep but nothing in between. I’ve got family types set-up with these settings so randomly setting the family type would be an option if you know of a way to do that.

    Thanks in advance


    • Seb Andraos says:

      Answered my own question using certain formulae in the parameters and the round check box.
      if(Option = 0, Spike1, if(Option = 1, Spike2, Spike3))
      Where option was the random variable and SpikeX is the dimension I want.

      would be great to be able to use this on curtain walls in masses

      Thanks again

    • Seb,
      You can use it on divided surface panels inside the massing environment (if I understand you correctly). You cannot however randomize those panels once you bring this mass in the project environment because their parameters are read-only inside the project.

  3. You can share files in the video??Thank you!!

  4. Hi Dima,

    Great Plugin! It looks really useful, I’m definitely going to use it. I’ll keep you posted on my experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    Greetings, Ernst

  5. Itzal says:

    It seens to be really cool, but I can’t find the demo video.

    After “Go to the Free Stuff (Downloads) page to download the updated addin installation files for your version of Revit.”, it says -> “Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.”

    I already have the latest flash installed in my browser (tried with firefox and chrome)

    I’d like to see the video because I’m not sure how make it work.

    Thank you

    • Dima Chiriacov says:

      Thanks for pointing out the issue with the video. I just updated the post – the video should be there!

  6. ctonia says:

    great addin! thanks

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