Wow, it really has been a while since I posted anything here since the last time. It’s been almost half a year or so. I felt bad about it the other day, but here is the thing: it’s been about three month or so that I started taking train to work. It takes me about 105 minutes one way (!) so in total I spend about 210 minutes in commute each day, which is not really that bad of a thing once you get in the rhythm of it. It is definitely not as bad of an option as driving (sitting in traffic even for a half of the commute time). At least on the train you can get some stuff done – which is a good thing (assuming that you are not playing ‘solitaire’ or being absorbed by ‘fb’)!  So, what I usually end up doing is either doing some office tech related research, or some personal research / coding, often do some web work for my fife’s totally awesome project, I also spend a good amount of time coding work-inspired Revit custom API-plugins .
So, I thought that I should dedicate some of that ‘productive’ train –time to writing some posts on what I have been up to lately. We recently made a switch / trying to transition to Revit in the office so 3 projects that came in within past few month were all started and being progressed in Revit which is exciting. Also starting to work with energy modeling tools, which is even more exciting. Therefore I am hoping to post several blog-posts on Revit API functionality, how we are trying to extend our Revit functionality, and how it has helped/affected/enhanced our workflow. I’m by no means a Revit API expert – I really started using it a couple months ago when we needed to eliminate certain repetitive tasks on a project. But hopefully this will demonstrate great potential and flexibility of (almost latest – 2011) Revit API.
I am telling you – there is great potential in the mix of Revit API and Family functionality. When you combine these two together plus some ‘out of the box’ thinking you can do all kinds of thing with Revit. Another thing that I noticed that to tackle Revit API coming from RhinoCommon/Grasshopper background is very rewarding and odd at the same time. Odd because most of the things you end up doing with the API is not geometry related at all and a lot of the times (of course depending on what Revit plug-in you write) you would write a Revit tool without having to access any rvt Element’s geometry at all.
Anyhow, stop by very soon for some Revit API and recent GH work that I have been doing lately.
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