Randomizer 2014 Revit AddinNeed to create random appearance in Revit? Randomizer 2014 Revit Addin lets you randomize instance parameters of family instances. Random pattern “trick” is being used very often by designers so hopefully this will save a hassle of mimicking random behavior “by hand”. The way it works – it lets you locate the instance parameter that you want to randomize among the family instances in your document by selecting the Category, then Family and then Type of your objects.


Issues Fixed / Functionality Added:

  • This add-in is now a modelless form. The form stays active and you can keep Randomizing without having to re-run the add-in after every pass. Also you can open or cycle through already open views with the add-in being active.
  •  The Add/Override button allows you to override randomization values of already submitted parameters.