CropViewToSelection Revit Addin Dialog Box from dp Stuff - Quickly Crop 3D ViewsCropViewToSelection Revit Addin from dp Stuff - Quickly Crop 3D Views

CropViewToSelection Revit Addin is a new addition to dp Stuff Revit Utils. Going back to my earlier post on cropping Revit 3D Views to selection with Revit Python Shell – I ended up using this functionality so often every day that it made sense to make an addin out of it. I added some functionality to it where user can either have elements pre-selected and run the addin or the element ids can be typed in/pasted once the CropViewToSelection Revit Addin is invoked. It is pretty straight forward and saves me a LOT of time every day! Give it a try – download it from the Free Downloads page. Below is a short demo video on how to use this tool.

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4 Responses to CropViewToSelection Revit Addin

  1. Jason Gardner says:

    Can this be used on 2d plan views, rather than 3D views.

    • Dima Chiriacov says:

      Not really, it is possible to adjust the code and make it work on 2d views, I just never thought that would be useful. I wrote this tool more for coordination purposes – so one can quickly get to a condition in 3d. Let me know how you would use it for 3d views and I might make adjustments to it for the next update.

      • jason gardner says:

        I can give you an example of where 2D process will be very helpful. when a design team has to make depndant views. Having the ability to quickly select a room or an area of a building and poof the view is cropped.

      • Dima Chiriacov says:

        Thanks Jason, I will take that in consideration for the next tool update! Stay tuned

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