ChangeTextCase Revit Addin util from dp Stuff

I recently posted a short Revit Python script/ solution here on how to change your text to upper case in response to this blog post. So I guess that this will be a follow-up with a much more user-friendly version of a ChangeTextCase Revit Addin that will be a useful addition to quickly growing arsenal of Revit extensions at my workplace (NBWW).

This free addin allows you to alter the CASE of Revit TextNote elements. You will have an ability to chose between UPPERcase, lowerCase, TitleCase, and SentenceCase. Apart from that you would be able to chose whether you want to alter selected text notes only or all visible text notes in the active view.

I personally think that using UPPER CASE on production drawings to communicate something is pretty darn¬†bizarre! Have you ever seen a book that is written in UPPER CASE? This case is unreadable and it is funny to see how we are still using this “leftover” from the hand-drafting era on our computer-generated drawings.

Go to the Free Stuff (Downloads) page to download this addin for your version of Revit.

ChangeTextCase Revit Addin util from dp Stuff
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