ArchiSpeak Revit Addin talk like a real architect!

“Based upon interdisciplinary considerations the structural dynamic analysis requires exhaustive trade-off study to arrive at the anticipated degree of human ambiance. Beyond the horizon of the human intellect the massing of major elements must utilize and be functionally interwoven with the creation of an immortal monument to posterity. “

Ok, this should be fun – ArchiSpeak! First of all by no means I attribute this idea to myself. I just recreated it as a Revit addin. So while I was still in school I saw this Grasshopper definition by Andrea Graziano that was randomly pulling 4 chunks of phrases and compiling them together into one sentence that most of us would call ArchiSpeak. Then I saw another similar Grasshopper definition here and I believe it all originated as DO-IT-YOURSELF-ARCHITECTURAL-DIALOGUE from AllisonArchitecture. Anyways, it is a super cool idea and if you are still in school or in the profession you MUST have heard this sort of talk way too often! Heck, just listen to any of Rem (Cool)haas’ talks somewhere on youtube… So, following the steps of guys that put it together in Grasshopper I thought I’d write a similar Revit plugin.

So I spent my whole evening on this stupidity, but then who knows, there could be a good use for this tool after all such as:
-maybe you want to be next Rem (Cool)haas
-don’t know how to impress your favorite studio professor
-your design sucks but you still need to impress your boss or client
-looking to score a teaching job at a local arch school and tomorrow is your interview with the chair of architecture
-headed to an on-campus party and you know for fact that there’s going to be at least a few archi freshmen ladies

Check out what kind of poetry you might be spitting out in just a few minutes:
In the final rationalization the initial stage of conceptual development recognizes the critical necessity to subtract from the anticipated degree of human ambiance.


Architecturally thinking the initial stage of conceptual development recognizes the critical necessity to subtract from the philosophy of commonality and standardization.

Gotta have this tool, man!

ArchiSpeak Generator - talk like a real Architect!

Anyhow, here’s the links to the rar file with the ArchiSpeak.dll and ArchiSpeak.addin files if you decide to give it a try!

Get it from our Download Page

The Installation Instructions:

-Download the .rar file
-there will be  ArchiSpeak.addin file and ArchiSpeak.dll files in it
-before extracting them from the archive RIGHT CLICK ON ArchiSpeack.rar file, hit Properties and UNBLOCK it
-then extract the files from it
-in c:\ create a folder called called dpStuff
-place ArchiSpeak.dll file in this folder
-go to C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2012 and place the ArchiSpeak.addin file in it
-restart Revit and enjoy

And this is the image below where it all started!

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